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October 20, 2016

Market News

Blueberries: Blueberry shipments from South America are increasing and we are slowly seeing the pipelines begin to recover. There’s more fruit on the east coast and in the port areas than there has been available for several weeks. We are seeing some Mexican fruit in McAllen as well. California shipping points are still in shorter supply as fruit is not making it to the west coast as quickly as the other areas where it’s being brought into country. Overall supply should continue to increase toward late October. Quality has been good on all of the imported blueberries up to this point and quality issues have been non-existent on the import product. A few shippers are still selling storage blues from the domestic crop and all are suspect for quality issues.
Strawberries: The strawberry situation in CA continues to deteriorate as we move throughout the week. The northern growing regions of Salinas and Watsonville received the most rain and the late season fruit has not responded well. Growers have stripped rained-on fruit this week but the fruit that was left on the plants is showing severe water damage and decay as well. The intention was to strip early in the week and return for fresh harvests by Thursday or Friday. Field inspections today will not allow for a fresh harvest until this weekend or possibly Monday 10/24. Santa Maria is in slightly better shape but will not get much production after stripping earlier this week. This area did not receive as much rainfall so was able to return to fields sooner and strip poor quality fruit. Now, it’s up to the plants and some favorable weather to recover with sizing and get fruit to color up to be harvested. Production will be a fraction of what is has been for the balance of this week, around 35- 50% and that is before the fruit makes it to the coolers for quality inspections. This area is expecting a warming trend through Friday as temps will exceed 90 degrees. While this will bring fruit on, it will present more challenges with quality after the rain and could limit labor/production due to the warm temperatures as well. Oxnard received a minimal amount of rain over the past weekend but is now beginning a warming trend into the weekend where high temps will reach into the 90s coupled with the returning Santa Ana winds blowing out from the desert to the coast. Winds are expected to reach 40-50 mph at times. The hot weather with this strong wind will likely reduce production due to quality concerns and limit labor through Friday. Most of the inspections from this week are listing fruit fair at best with some better fruit being picked in Oxnard. Sizing is small across the board, mid 20s to low 30s per 1 pound clamshell.
Green grapes: Green grapes markets have been surprising steady this week. There was talk of prices jumping up as supplies slowly begin to wind down, but that did not happen this week. Domestic green grape supplies are expected to last until mid December, but supplies will get tighter and tighter out of California as we move forward. I do expect the markets to become more active and prices to gradually climb as some of the smaller growers finish their programs over the next month. Quality has been strong and sizes have been on in the XL - Jumbo range. I do not expect any drastic changes in the near future.
Red grapes: Red grapes have remained very consistent in supplies, quality and price. However, as we move into the winter months, things will begin to change. We expect domestic supplies of red grapes to last through December, but supplies will start to lighten up in the next few weeks. Market prices on the large and extra large have increased by a dollar this week and I expect it to jump up again by the end of next week. The M/L sizes have remained steady as there are a few varieties available on smaller grapes. I do not expect any drastic or sudden changes, prices will gradually climb as supplies phase out.
Watermelon: The current availability is improving with better sizing and offering fresh Product from Northern Mexico crossing in Nogales AZ. All sizes being offered in load volume both bins and cartons, peaking on larger fruit 36/45 with brix exceeding 10%.Volume will continue to improve
Cantaloupe: Demand is steady right now. Supplies on 9ct are very short while other sizes are steady to increasing. The West side is basically finished now for the season. The desert started a little over two weeks ago and supplies are filling in the northern areas ending. The market is higher on all sizes. The quality is excellent in the desert
Tomatoes: Rounds - The market is steady. The Mexican vine ripe supply has tightened up in the west, creating an up tick in the market. Supplies should start to steadily increase, as guys are back in the fields. Volume is pretty much steady for this week. Florida has started in a small way, but, not enough volume to ease demand.
Roma - The market is steady. Supplies have increased a bit this week, as buyers pulled back a bit due to the higher prices. Baja Mexico is breaking new fields this week, so, more supplies are crossing in McAllen and a few in Nogales. Gassed Roma’s from Central California continue to be in light supplies.

July 15, 2016


Organic Washington grown peaches are available and fantastically fresh. Order some of these refreshing summer stone fruits and give your customers the best

July 15, 2016

Local Seedless Watermelon

We now have fresh local Seedless Watermelon available. Your customers will love the refreshing taste of these watermelons and will come back for more.

June 30, 2016

Summer Picnic Bouquet

This fun bouquet is great for your summer or a 4th of July display; it is filled with white daisies, red carnations, green cushions, a white Cremone and a watermelon pick. Make sure to cut the ends of your flowers every three to four days to maintain water uptake. Ask our floral staff about ordering these beautiful plants for your floral department.

June 30, 2016

Broccoli Alfredo Salad Kit

Our broccoli alfredo salad kit is made with succulent grilled chicken breast cut julienne style with fresh cut broccoli florets, crisp and juicy red seedless grapes to add a burst of sweetness, penne pasta all tossed together with a creamy, zesty garlic alfredo dressing. This salad kit is perfect for your Summer picnics and makes an outstanding 4th of July side dish. Bring this item into your deli today for a savory addition and added sales. Ask your salesperson about our promotion on this kit this week.

July 25, 2012

Vendor Update

Vendors, please update your sales contact information for us!

Vendor Contact Update