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May 18, 2015

Something To Think About

“Luck is a dividend of sweat. The more you sweat, the luckier you get.” – Ray Kroc

May 18, 2015

Fresh Facts

The Hami-Gua melon is a muskmelon that takes form in over 180 different variations, creating melons of different sizes, patterns, colors and shapes. The melons common denominator is their sugar content. On the Brix scale, Hami melons score 14 to 16% sugar content. The flavor of the melon is a complex interaction of sugar, ph, texture and volatile compounds, making each melon variety individually unique.
Oblong-shaped Hami-Gua melons have a golden yellow, lightly netted skin and a pale, coral-colored flesh with a large seed cavity. The flesh is crisp, juicy and refreshingly sweet. Hami-Gua melons have the trademark muskmelon aroma: floral and sweet. In Xinjiang, China the Hami-Gua melon has long held a place of cultural significance. In ancient times the melons were sent from Hami to the Emperor and the imperial court as a tribute. The melon is celebrated in Xinjiang every summer at the annual Hami Melon Festival which features melon carving, painting, contests, folk art performances and tastings of over 100 different variates of Hami melon. Call and order your Hami Melons today.

Source: Specialty Produce

May 18, 2015

Market News

Cherries: Though not quite as early as first expected, the season should kick off in late May or early June, with fruit shipping through the first week of August, a much earlier finish than in years past. Rainier cherries will start earlier than normal, also about June 8. One shipper said that a warm spring initially accelerated the much-anticipated cherry season, but May weather patterns have adjusted the start date to a “little closer to normal, but still much earlier than previous years. It is still an early start date, but it’s not the record pre-Memorial Day we thought might happen.”

Broccoli: Weather has remained very cool for this time of year and broccoli numbers remain light as a result. Demand is good. As most growers transition in to summer time varieties, fields just aren’t growing as projected. Expect light supplies of broccoli for the next few weeks. On a positive note, the cooler weather has been ideal for quality and broccoli remains very nice.

Cauliflower: Supplies will be well below average this week. The colder weather the growing regions have been experiencing has slowed growth down causing this slight decrease in supplies.

Garlic: Poor domestic growing conditions and decreased Chinese product availability are negatively impacting supply and price again. Ongoing drought and limited acreage in Southern California will also reduce availability and increase cost for domestic supply.

Celery: The market for celery has picked up recently, with prices increasing over those seen during winter months. Mild weather brought on supplies quickly, which made it challenging to market celery earlier in the year. “Prices were depressed all winter because districts were coming in on top of each other,” explained one shipper. “Production exceeded expectations and there were no weather issues to curtail production.”

Source: Fresh Pack, Fresh Plaza (2)

July 25, 2012

Vendor Update

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