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August 18, 2016

Market News

Blueberries: Domestic production is slowing down sharply out of the Pacific Northwest and the Upper Midwest. Rain events and warm weather over the past few weeks have affected production in both regions - quality and availability. Volume is winding down out of both areas. Availability is less than previous weeks and markets continue to strengthen. Overall, quality has been fair to good.
Strawberries: Production has slowed down in Salinas and Watsonville. Cooler weather is reducing the harvest estimates and lack of labor is slowing down the harvesting of ripe fruit. Berries are running smaller, 21-30 berries per 1 pound clamshell. Therefore, it is taking more berries to fill each clamshell and pickers are covering more ground to do so as well. The marine layer has been heavy and leaving additional moisture on the plants and fruit which is also resulting in some wetness in the packs and subsequent quality concerns.
Broccoli: Broccoli supplies from all growing regions continue to be abundant. This has kept the market at low price levels. Quality has been really good with an occasional arrival issue here and there.
Cauliflower: Cauliflower supplies from both growing regions continue to be steady. Lighter supplies are headed our way. The market is holding firm at the higher price levels.Quality is really nice with white color.
Green Grapes: Supplies continue to be steady. We have multiple varieties to choose from with a wide range of size. Quality has been reported as excellent on all the new varieties. The weather has been very warm this week, so some of the older varieties (Thompsons) may show some amber coloring on the berries. Market prices on all varieties have been level with volume opportunities available.
Red Grapes: Good supplies of red grape varieties. Scarlet Royals, Crimsons and Magentas are being harvested currently. Sizing in on the bigger side with most fruit peaking in the Large to XL range. Quality has been very strong. Harvest has been consistent, but the warm weather may slow production down slightly. The market prices on the new red varieties have been higher and are expected to remain firm through next week.
Tomatoes: Rounds - The market is steady / higher. With schools back in session, the market has ticked up a bit. Rains in the east have curtailed parts of production, which is lowering supplies and helping the market. The local tomato deals are about over for the season. . Quality is Good.
Roma Tomatoes: The market is steady / higher. Mexico is experiencing heavy cloud cover along with rains. At the moment, they are in a slight gap due to the past heat wave when all product came on too early. And with schools back in session, demand is on the uptick.
Grape Tomatoes: The market is steady / higher. Along with all the others, grapes look to be on the upswing due to demand. Supplies continue to be good, however, with demand on the rise. Quality is Good.

July 15, 2016


Organic Washington grown peaches are available and fantastically fresh. Order some of these refreshing summer stone fruits and give your customers the best

July 15, 2016

Local Seedless Watermelon

We now have fresh local Seedless Watermelon available. Your customers will love the refreshing taste of these watermelons and will come back for more.

June 30, 2016

Summer Picnic Bouquet

This fun bouquet is great for your summer or a 4th of July display; it is filled with white daisies, red carnations, green cushions, a white Cremone and a watermelon pick. Make sure to cut the ends of your flowers every three to four days to maintain water uptake. Ask our floral staff about ordering these beautiful plants for your floral department.

June 30, 2016

Broccoli Alfredo Salad Kit

Our broccoli alfredo salad kit is made with succulent grilled chicken breast cut julienne style with fresh cut broccoli florets, crisp and juicy red seedless grapes to add a burst of sweetness, penne pasta all tossed together with a creamy, zesty garlic alfredo dressing. This salad kit is perfect for your Summer picnics and makes an outstanding 4th of July side dish. Bring this item into your deli today for a savory addition and added sales. Ask your salesperson about our promotion on this kit this week.

July 25, 2012

Vendor Update

Vendors, please update your sales contact information for us!

Vendor Contact Update