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September 21, 2016

Market News

Blueberries: Supply is extremely limited and demand is exceeding. The industry is gapping as the domestic regions in Michigan and the Pacific Northwest end production for the season and the import deals from Mexico and South America are not yet bringing in enough fruit to compensate for demand. We’re expecting another 2-4 weeks of very limited availability until the import blueberries pick up with better volumes out of Mexico, Uruguay, Peru and Argentina.
Raspberries: Supply is limited, demand is currently exceeding. Recent high temperatures have decreased overall supply as raspberry plants will hold onto their fruit as a protection mechanism when temperatures increase. This also makes harvesting more challenging as removing the berry from the plant becomes more difficult and soft fruit is more likely to create quality concerns as well. Along with this, harvest hours are more limited on the hot days as high temperatures under the growing hoops can be 10-20 degrees hotter than the outside temperature. Production forecasts do show an uptrend as we move toward October but we will be limited with availability day to day until then. Quality has been good overall.
Green Grapes: Green seedless grape supplies are abundant. Harvest has been consistent out of the valley and quality has been excellent. Autumn King variety is the majority of the volume being sold. Sizes are peaking in the XL range with good color, brix and texture. Market prices have been very level with very little movement across all size profiles. Supply and quality are expected to remain steady over the next week.
Red Grapes: San Joaquin Valley harvest continues to be steady on red seedless grapes. A consistent stream of product is available in all size ranges. We will have the choice between several different varieties with sizing being the biggest difference. Market prices have been flat over the last month. Occasional spot buy opportunities become available on small grapes, but all shippers are maintaining continuity on the larger sized fruit. Quality has been excellent with little issues to report. We can expect all conditions to remain steady for the next week.
Pears: Bartlett pears are steady on all sizes and are peaking on 80/90/100s. D’anjou pears are also steady on all sizes and they continue to peak on 90/100/110s. Stark Crimson pears are steady and continue to peak on 40/45 half cartons. Bosc are steady to slightly lower and are still heavier to larger fruit in the Wenatchee valley and smaller fruit in the Yakima valley. The quality for all pears has been good.
Tomatoes: Rounds - The market is steady. In the west, supplies continue to be lighter out of Mexico and California. Rains continue to hamper production and yields, with the possibility of a hurricane passing through Baja. Back east, production and yields continue to be effected by weather conditions. Demand continues to be consistent in all areas. Range in quality from fair to good.
Roma - The market is steady / lower. Out west supplies continue to be lighter, with rains from a tropical storm effecting production and yields in Baja. California also looks to be lighter this week. Back east, supplies also lighter due to heavy rains. Demand a bit off, however, look for the market to turn due to the lighter supplies. Range in quality.
Cherry - The market is steady. In the west, cherries continue to be very tight, with Baja area sold out. In the east, Virginia/Maryland area is mostly rained out and Michigan just about done for the season. Range in quality from good to fair.
Grape - The market is steady / higher. In the west, supplies continue to be very tight. Baja area has seen a lot of rain, which has slowed production. Back east, production has been hampered by rains in Virginia/Maryland area. Look for supplies to continue to be tight, with higher FOB. Range in quality.

July 15, 2016


Organic Washington grown peaches are available and fantastically fresh. Order some of these refreshing summer stone fruits and give your customers the best

July 15, 2016

Local Seedless Watermelon

We now have fresh local Seedless Watermelon available. Your customers will love the refreshing taste of these watermelons and will come back for more.

June 30, 2016

Summer Picnic Bouquet

This fun bouquet is great for your summer or a 4th of July display; it is filled with white daisies, red carnations, green cushions, a white Cremone and a watermelon pick. Make sure to cut the ends of your flowers every three to four days to maintain water uptake. Ask our floral staff about ordering these beautiful plants for your floral department.

June 30, 2016

Broccoli Alfredo Salad Kit

Our broccoli alfredo salad kit is made with succulent grilled chicken breast cut julienne style with fresh cut broccoli florets, crisp and juicy red seedless grapes to add a burst of sweetness, penne pasta all tossed together with a creamy, zesty garlic alfredo dressing. This salad kit is perfect for your Summer picnics and makes an outstanding 4th of July side dish. Bring this item into your deli today for a savory addition and added sales. Ask your salesperson about our promotion on this kit this week.

July 25, 2012

Vendor Update

Vendors, please update your sales contact information for us!

Vendor Contact Update