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July 21, 2016

Market News

Avocados: California has peaked on their harvest and is on a slow decline to mid-August, when the next big drop looks to happed as its season begins its final seasonal harvest. Mexico has been harvesting for a week now and fruit is now working its way through the supply chain. Inventories are showing good on 60s and 70s, but on 48s, still very limited and they look to stay this way possibly through September. We will be in this Summer Crop (Flora Loca crop) of Mexico’s for the next 6 to 10 weeks and should have decent supplies going forward, unfortunately about 80% of this crop will be 60s/70s/84s. Not many 40s/48s and we don’t see this size curve changing much, maybe 25% 48s and larger by September.
Strawberries: Supply is fairly steady with good demand. Quality is good with pickers paying extra attention to pack quality and avoid bruised and overripe fruit. There have been a few reports of white shoulders and green tips still showing up in the packs. Sizing is even smaller than the last few weeks with berries running 18-26 per 1 pound clamshell. Weather has been cool leading to a reduction in harvest estimates.
Cherries: Cherry harvest from the Northwest will be coming to an end this weekend. Shippers are expecting production numbers to begin dropping significantly starting tomorrow and finish by the weekend. Inventory of harvested fruit is expected to last through the front part of next week. Quality has been holding strong, but the last of the fruit has endured some rain showers earlier this week. Market prices have been increasing as availability becomes more limited.
Green Grapes: Green grape supplies continue to be steady as we move forward with new San Joaquin Valley harvest. Quality has been excellent and sizes are peaking in the Large to Extra Large range. Market prices have been fairly steady this week as most shippers are gradually increasing production. We expect continue quality and steady prices next week with occasional spot buy opportunities becoming available as inventory builds.
Red Grapes: Red grape supplies continue to improve as shippers increase harvest production in the Arvin growing regions. Quality has been very strong, but sizes are still on the small side. Market prices have remained level on high quality M/L fruit. Large and Extra Large fruit is fairly limited and is demanding a premium price. We expect next week to be very similar in terms of quality and size. However, volume will be increasing and we may see some spot buy opportunities become available on smaller fruit.
Tomatoes: The market is higher. Supplies looking to be lighter in California, due to gap. Less volume in the west, bringing up market. Vineripes out of Mexico also have lighter numbers. Back east, hot, rainy weather east of Rockies has taken it’s toll on supplies. Demand is stronger in all areas. Range in quality from good to fair. Roma - The market is higher. Central California area is in the process of switching areas or crops. Lighter suppliers are also happening in mainland, Mexico. Baja area also looking lighter. Back east, supplies are lighter, with demand on the rise. Range in quality from good to fair. Grape - The market is steady. Supplies better this week in all areas, including Mexico, California, and in the east with Virgina/Maryland, and eastern shore. Look for supplies to continue to be good in the next week or so. Quality is good.

July 15, 2016


Organic Washington grown peaches are available and fantastically fresh. Order some of these refreshing summer stone fruits and give your customers the best

July 15, 2016

Local Seedless Watermelon

We now have fresh local Seedless Watermelon available. Your customers will love the refreshing taste of these watermelons and will come back for more.

June 30, 2016

Summer Picnic Bouquet

This fun bouquet is great for your summer or a 4th of July display; it is filled with white daisies, red carnations, green cushions, a white Cremone and a watermelon pick. Make sure to cut the ends of your flowers every three to four days to maintain water uptake. Ask our floral staff about ordering these beautiful plants for your floral department.

June 30, 2016

Broccoli Alfredo Salad Kit

Our broccoli alfredo salad kit is made with succulent grilled chicken breast cut julienne style with fresh cut broccoli florets, crisp and juicy red seedless grapes to add a burst of sweetness, penne pasta all tossed together with a creamy, zesty garlic alfredo dressing. This salad kit is perfect for your Summer picnics and makes an outstanding 4th of July side dish. Bring this item into your deli today for a savory addition and added sales. Ask your salesperson about our promotion on this kit this week.

July 25, 2012

Vendor Update

Vendors, please update your sales contact information for us!

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