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June 23, 2016


Exacum, which are commonly known as Persian
violets, are perennials with bluish or white star-shaped
flowers & green shiny leaves.
The Persian violet blooms for about 3 to 4 months.
They love bright light, cooler temperatures & higher
humidity. Keep the soil moist, but do not over water.
Dry soil will cause the flowers to fade quickly. Pinch
off flowers as they fade to promote more blooms.
Ask our floral staff about ordering these beautiful
plants for your floral department.

June 23, 2016

Lime Cilantro Quinoa Salad Kit

The Lime Cilantro Quinoa Salad is a healthy eater’s
dream: flavorful, chock-full of protein and veggies,
satisfying, and low in fat. A combination of: white
quinoa, mangos, corn, cilantro, sweetie drop
peppers, pumpkin seeds, and lime dressing. The
quinoa is high in protein and has a fluffy, slightly
crunchy texture.
It is great on its own as a vegetarian dish or as a
picnic side dish. The flavor filled zesty cilantro lime
salad will turn anyone into a quinoa fan.
Ask your salesperson about our promotion on
this salad kit this week.

June 23, 2016

A Small Delight

Baby, or mini, eggplants are smaller eggplants that
grow only two to six inches in length. Their skin can
range in color from deep purple, bright white,
lavender, to green. These are available all year long
and the “baby” refers to its petite size and not its
maturity level.
The skin of eggplants is rich in cancer-preventing
nutrients and can help lower the risk of heart disease.
Purple eggplant is often used for cooking in savory
dishes and absorbs flavors very well.
We have fresh baby eggplant that your customers
will get excited about. Order some and see your
sales increase.

June 23, 2016

The Most Magnificent Fruit

Magnificent melons are developed to have a sweet
flavor and fragrance and in comparison to a
cantaloupe has similarities in coloration and texture.
Magnificent melons are tender and juicy with a sweet
flavor and orange flesh. These are available most of
the year and are a type of muskmelon.
These melons are produced under a strict set of
guidelines for the highest quality product. Magnificent
melons contain vitamins A, C, potassium, carotene,
and fiber.
Try bringing these delectable melons in for a
sweet addition to your summer fruit variety and
see your sales increase.

June 16, 2016

Market News

Blueberries: The Pacific Northwest region started production this week with good initial volume but was quickly halted by rain after only a few days of packing, volume looks to recover nicely next week with increased production out of OR, WA and BC so long as weather cooperates. Quality has been very good so far.
Raspberries: CA raspberries have reached peak production and will now quickly decrease out of Oxnard and Salinas. The abundance we’ve had available over the past several weeks has slowed down significantly this week. Crops peaked in June where we do not typically see that high volume until July. The Santa Maria and Watsonville production regions will increase over the coming weeks.
Strawberries: CA strawberry production is steady out of all areas. Demand has remained fairly steady, especially in the retail sector. Quality has been consistently good with only minor bruising and some white shoulders reported. Sizing is down from previous weeks with counts in the high teens - low twenties per 1 pound clamshell.
Cherries: Sweet dark cherry supplies continue to be strong out of the north west growing regions. All sizes of the 18lb packs are available. Quality continues to hold strong and market prices are gradually decreasing . We expect to have good availability and promotional opportunities through the July 4th holiday. Rainier variety cherries have increased in production as well. Good supplies are expected through the holiday.
Limes. The lime market continues to remain high on the 110 & 150ct but it is coming down. Demand is good on all sizes across the board. The peak size has remained in the smaller sizes such as 250ct and 230ct. The overall long term upward market trend has broken and lower prices are happening. Quality is good overall. The overall supplies are now increasing. The market is lower on the 175 - 250ct limes.
Cantaloupe: The desert supplies are steady to slightly less than last week. Quality out of the desert has been very nice although it has been extremely hot lately in the growing regions down in the desert. Quality will be effected in some lots. The market is steady to higher due to lighter supplies.
Tomatoes: In the West, Mexico has been holding back imports because they are required to sell at the Suspension Agreement minimums which have been higher than the market in the US. Mexico is into crown picks and has good production out of Baja which may begin crossing in greater numbers as the market firms up in America as Florida production has tapered down. California has started with crown picks as well and helping with supply for round tomatoes, however volumes are still light. Roma tomato production has also increased out of Baja with fruit trending towards larger sizes and the market remains steady. Grape tomato production remains steady in Baja as well and will pick up over the next 10-14 days as more growers enter the mix and demand picks up in the Midwest and out East.

July 25, 2012

Vendor Update

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