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March 23, 2015

Something To Think About

Dwelling on the negative, simply contributes to it's power. - Shirley Maclaine

March 23, 2015

Fresh Facts

Packham pears are an Australian variety of the European pear, Pyrus communis. The pears also known as Packham’s Triumph, are a cross between two English pears, a Williams’ Bon Chrétien’ (more commonly known as a Bartlett in the United States), and an Uvedale St. Germain pear. Packham pears have a very long season and are primarily grown in the Southern Hemisphere. A bulbous, wide-bottomed pear, the Packham pear has a look similar to its Bartlett parent with green skin that ripens to a light yellow. The large pear is irregularly shaped, slightly leaning to one side. Its skin is covered in tiny, russet lenticels. Packham pears have a sweet and juicy white flesh with a smooth texture.

Source: Specialty Produce

March 23, 2015

Market News

Strawberries: The total California strawberry acreage reported for 2015 is 37,438, which represents about a 3 percent decrease from last year, but that may not result in less volume. Newer varieties tend to yield better than older varieties, and weather factors can easily affect volume by much more than 5 percent. Because of the mild winter and relatively dry spring, California growing conditions have been very good and no one will be surprised if total volume approaches or tops last year’s number of about 192 million trays.

Limes: Because of the low temperatures in recent weeks, Persian lime production has already declined. Prices are expected to continue increasing, as recent frosts have strongly affected production in different areas of the country. The lower supply is already starting to have an impact on prices at origin, as a drop in production volumes of up to 50% is predicted during the first weeks of April. Inclement weather south of the border continues to hinder production in Central Mexico.

Vidalia Onions: Shorter sweet onion supplies out of Mexico and Texas and consistency issues in both deals have the Vidalia onion deal set up for a promising season that could begin for some growers as early as the second week of April. Early spring weather has been warm in Vidalia, following a winter of dramatic temperature shifts with very cold snaps followed by unseasonably warmer periods. Rain has been adequate and come at the right times, including crop refreshing showers in mid-March that moved out in plenty of time to keep the fields dry for harvest.

So, that’s the way it works: Low prices for mangos have prompted some Mexican producers to halt their exports to the United States in hopes that less product will boost prices. But the temporary reprieve has not done much to move the market. Mexican growers have cited sluggish demand in the United States, partly caused by inclement cold weather that has kept some consumers away from stores, as a reason for the halt in exports. Mexican producers are now trying to decide if it's worth selling at current low prices or whether they should hold back their fruit in reserves that are already well stocked. As U.S. markets, literally thaw, the market may adjust and render the question moot for Mexican exporters.

Source: Fresh Plaza (2), The Produce News

March 23, 2015

What Lies Ahead

Snowpack conditions across Washington state mountains are near record low levels, prompting Gov. Jay Inslee to declare a drought emergency for three key regions as shown in the picture. Snowpack is a mere 7 percent of normal in the Olympic Mountains. Across the Cascades (incl. Yakima and Wenatchee), it ranges from 8 to 45 percent of normal and it is 67 percent of normal in the Walla Walla region. Statewide, snowpack averages 27 percent of normal. An unusually warm winter has caused much of the precipitation to fall as rain, leaving mountain snowpack a fraction of normal. A healthy snowpack is key to feeding rivers across the state and sustaining farms and fish through the drier Summer months.

Source: Fresh Plaza

July 25, 2012

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