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February 11, 2016

Market News

Strawberries: The highest demand period of the 2016 Valentine’s Day strawberry pull has now passed. Current availability is still limited but we should begin to see increased availability as we move forward with Southern CA and Central Mexican supplies. Weather has cleared up in both regions and more favorable temperatures are in the forecasts with warm days and moderately cool overnights. Crops are expected to gap some as most all ranches have packed any available ripe fruit over the past two weeks, almost stripping the plants.
Blueberries: As production in Chile and Mexico increase and more shipments are arriving into the US, adequate supplies have been available and should continue through the coming weeks. Quality has improved with the new shipments and is good overall. Demand has been moderate but is increasing for higher quality fruit. Chile is in peak production.
Broccoli: Supplies remain abundant from all growing regions and prices are still very competitive. Excellent quality as well with nice green color and tight beads. Several growing regions are currently harvesting broccoli. Salinas has also started production as well.
Carrots: Cooler weather in growing area has really slowed growth on the new crop coming out of the Coachella and Imperial Valleys of California. Carrots are very small and yields are extremely light on Jumbo size carrots. Weather is warming, but it will take 3 to 4 week for size to come. Supplies of medium size and baby peeled carrots are is good.
Celery: The quality continues to be favorable. The celery in the Oxnard and Yuma region continues to have issues. These issues include bowing, leafy tops, and pith. Warm temperatures are expected in all the growing regions throughout the week. Large sizing is much more readily available in Yuma and Oxnard. Smaller sizing has been better compared to past weeks.
Lettuce Iceberg: The market continues to gain strength in the marketplace. The desert region will have higher temps for the next two weeks. No rain is in the forecast. Defects on lettuce continue. These defects include light color, misshapen and ribby heads, peeling epidermis, blister and growth crack. The weights are averaging 39-43 pounds. Expect pricing to get stronger throughout the week.
Leaf Lettuce: This market has remained unchanged. There continues to be a pricing gap in the industry amongst the different shippers. Warm temperatures will exist throughout the week in Yuma and Southern California. Blister and peel will continue on romaine. These defects will continue through February at a minimum. Quality is suffering with all leafy greens as well. Blister and peel has been reported. Although this issue is not as extensive as romaine, it is still out there.

February 10, 2016

Featured Floral Item - Razzle Dazzle Bouquet

This bright colored bouquet consists of gerbera daisies, poms, statice, carnations, and salal. Make sure to cut the stems of your flowers every 4-5 days to ensure & maintain water uptake. Pre-books for Easter and St. Patrick’s Day bouquets and arrangements are still available. Make sure to talk to our sales staff about ordering them for the upcoming holidays. St. Patrick’s orders are due by February 18th Easter orders are due by March 1st

February 10, 2016

Featured Kitchen Item - Chinese Noodle Kit

Our Chinese noodle kit consists of Chinese noodles tossed in a flavorful Chinese dressing with sliced green onions, diced roasted red bell peppers and garnished with black sesame seeds. Your customers will love the Asian flavors and want more. We are promoting this item next week, so be sure to talk to a salesperson soon!

February 10, 2016

Featured Fruit - Wish Upon a Starfruit

If you want a captivating fruit for your displays or dishes the starfruit is the perfect one for any age. The starfruit is so well known for its shape that it was named after it. When cut in cross sections it resembles a five pointed star, making it a perfect garnish for any dish. The starfruit has an exotic tropical fruit flavor, almost a mix of pineapple and citrus, while being slightly tart. Unlike most tropical fruit, the starfruit is actually classified as a berry. Bring this unique fruit into your facility and watch your customers be in awe of this star of a fruit.

February 10, 2016

Featured Vegetable - The Green Spiral

If you are looking for a vegetable to visually astound your customers, search no further than the unique Romanesco. This one-of-a-kind vegetable is a natural example of Fibonacci fractal; a geometrical design also known as the Golden Spiral. Due to its one of a kind shape and design, it is popular for restaurant dishes and spicing up produce departments. Along with being a visually unique vegetable, it brings a distinctive flavor. It has a taste and texture similar to cauliflower, but can taste nutty or earthy based on how one prepares it. Romanesco has the perfect combination of visual appeal and great taste.

July 25, 2012

Vendor Update

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