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December 29, 2016

Market News

Asparagus: Weather is still cold in the San Luis growing region. Volume is very light. Market is still high on all sizes. The weather is good in both the South/North of Peru. Volume is good and market is sluggish with the holiday being over. Air freight is down a little with the major holiday rush over.
Avocados: Shipments from Mexico last week were off just a bit, much better than expected and this weeks is expected to be very similar to last weeks. 48ct demand remains the greatest and still seeing some upward pressure on the market price of 48s and 40s. Shippers are pushing for greater harvest as we move into January in preparation for Super Bowl ad pulls beginning mid January.
Blueberries: Blueberries are plentiful. Opportunities available with increased volumes coming from Chile for the next several weeks and promotable pricing. Central Mexico production is steady and there’s also still production in Peru. With large volumes available, blueberries are being packed into larger packaging with more availability in 18oz, pints and 6oz clamshells. Quality is good.
Raspberries: Supply is steady and demand is fairly light. Quality is good. Central Mexican production has already peaked this season and will continue to decline from here on. However, overall availability still looks to remain fairly steady over the next several weeks.
Strawberries: California strawberry supplies remain light following about an 1.50” of rain in Oxnard and Ventura county over the past weekend. Quality has suffered from wind and water damage and a lot of fruit is being discarded in the fields. Temperatures will remain cooler this week which will help fruit firm up but will not help with growth and color maturation. This crop has been slow to start ramping up this season due to the continued rain and cool weather.
Cauliflower: Last week we finished with the market firming up as some shippers walked into the business day being sold out. There are still limited supplies and demand has picked up. That has also caused the market to firm up and trend higher. This supply outlook will continue for the next 2 weeks. Quality is fair with arrivals showing black bruising, creamy to yellow color, and misshapen heads. Also sizing is trending smaller towards the 16 count pack.
Limes: The lime market is higher on all sizes. The rising market is due to lower volume caused by the new crop harvest being in the larger size profile. The other factors causing our elevated prices are the rains that happened three weekends ago, cool weather, great demand across all channels and retail ads. The quality is good with a few reports of moldy fruit from the rains. No more adverse weather is being reported for the near future so we should experience normal market fluctuations as we come in and out of holiday demand and export shipments to other countries.
Tomatoes: There is little to no change in Western supply with light volumes transitioning from Baja and Eastern Mexico to Western Mainland Mexico. Culiacan and Sinaloa growers are coming on slowly and gradually expecting to hit their stride by mid January. There are light volumes of Romas crossing but still a couple weeks away from full production being realized in the states. Grape tomatoes are available in steady volumes through Texas with Western Mainland Mexico set to bring the next injection of fruit by the second week of January.

July 25, 2012

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