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November 6, 2019

Market News

Weather Update
High pressure out west will keep the region well above seasonal averages into mid-November. Near to slightly above normal temperatures and dry conditions look to continue across Mexico into next week.

Apples .Washington
Last week, I mentioned that the Northwest was hit by freezing temps and volumes on some late season new crop varieties (Pink Lady, Braeburn, Lady Alice, Jazz, Envy, and Granny Smith) will be affected. Most shippers are done with harvest and were forced to leave fruit on the trees. Early estimations have losses at 10 million cases, which equates to roughly 5% total volume for the Northwest. These same reports assert that Pink Lady apples were impacted the most and will command significantly higher prices in the months to come.
Production from Southern Baja should be wrapped up by the middle of next week. Ciudad Obregon and Northern Baja have started slowly. We should see better volume in about 2-3 weeks from these 2 regions. Volume dropped a little from both regions in Peru (Ica/Trujillo) due to field transition. We should see an increase in about 10 days. Small size asparagus is still an issue due to pricing. Volume remains excellent on the larger sizes and should continue until production slows down in December. Markets on both coasts are steady with good movement on all sizes.
Avocado (Mexican)
The growing region of Michoacan Mexico continues to get hit with mild to intense rains, which could limit harvest. Harvest from Mexico remains steady and consistent leading to a stable market. There is still a significant price spread between large fruit (48’s and larger) and small fruit (60’s and smaller). We are seeing better volume on large-sized fruit in the weekly pack-outs. Chilean fruit is available and in the pipeline, but the demand is just not there.
Berries (Blackberries)
Blackberries continue to be in light supplies but the volume is not far away according to most shippers. Central Mexico and Baja California are recovering from some rain issues but the volume should begin to pick back up in the next few weeks. Quality has been fair with red cell and leakers being reported. Look for the market to remain snug with slightly higher prices moving into the weekend.
Berries (Blueberries)
Blueberries are coming from several Central and South American locations. Mexico is crossing into the US through Texas and Arizona. Peruvian and Uruguayan blues are being shipped via ocean containers and hitting the Western and Easter Seaboards in the U.S. Quality has been good. The market remains steady with some deals being made to keep product moving.
Berries (Raspberries)
Raspberries are in fairly good supplies coming mostly out of Baja California and Central Mexico. West Coast production was stifled early with the recent heat we experienced the week before last. The market is steady with a lower trend for some shippers. Quality has been good with most lots coming out of mostly Mexico.
Berries (Strawberries)
Strawberries have been active of late with the Salinas/ Watsonville areas finishing in the next 2 weeks for the most part. The weather has cooled down and while improving the quality in Santa Maria and Oxnard it has also reduced yields driving prices up. Look for these prices to remain firm moving into the weekend with slightly higher undertones.
Citrus (Limes)
Overall the Mexican lime market has decreased due to excess rain in the Mexican growing regions. The lime market will begin to see a shift in the crop’s size distribution towards mid/large-sized fruit due to rain. Small sizes will become scarce as a lot of growers have not been able to harvest due to the rains. The market will remain firm until crossings normalize, but projections in Mexico indicate that we likely won’t see relief until January.
Citrus (Oranges)
California Navels are in full swing with good supplies to start. The early fruit will need a few gas hours, but the over¬all natural color in the first bins look good. Brix of the first cuts was 11+ and the feedback on quality is positive. With cooler temperatures this week, we should see even better color and brix as suppliers continue to harvest. This week will be another big week of harvest and production and we should start seeing better supplies to push. The market felt strong for the first week, but we anticipate markets to settle as more supplies hit the industry. On specialty citrus, Califor¬nia grapefruit is improving out of the southern California districts, and CA Mandarins are coming along nicely,
Tomatoes (Western)
California has finished for the season and western de¬mand is now focused on Mexico where growing volume is helping to soften markets. Roma tomatoes have been tight but forecasted to continue improving with new farms beginning in Eastern and Central Mexico. Grape and cherry tomatoes are mostly steady out of Baja and Central Mexico with more growers harvesting in the next couple of weeks. Baja, Central Mexico, and Eastern Mexico will become the western focal point until Sinaloa begins harvesting in mid to late December.

July 25, 2012

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